To write or not to write? That is the question.

Google Techmakers Sticker Swag

Google Techmakers Sticker

Why is it so hard to write? What holds me back?

I have been trying to post an article for about the last couple of years.  I’d love to blame it on procrastination but actually if I am honest with myself and you it’s fear.  Fear you say?  For those of you out there who have met me, worked with me or indeed heard me on my old radio show; that is probably the last thing you would think.  Recently and frequently I have this conversation with my friends and the general trend follows, we are too scared to publish what we think:

For fear of judgement,

Worry that our contribution to a topic may be wrong.

Or worse still, that no one wants to hear our opinion.

So what has changed my mind?  In a nutshell  a lot of travelling in the past year.  I also resolved to I decided to face my fears head on! You see, fear only holds you back, what is the worst that can happen? No one reads this post so it’s really no biggie.  The other reason is mostly because on Saturday as part of International Women’s Day I attended an inspiring event by Google and Women Techmakers at Google Campus in London.  

The programme included fantastic panel discussions with super engaging speakers who spoke words of wisdom with humour and funny anecdotes.  When we all arrived, as part of the registration procedure we were all invited to sign up as a mentor or mentee.  I decided to sign up as a mentor.  In doing so, each speed session lasted around 7 minutes.   I was blessed with meeting 5 fab ladies in one go as clearly mentors were less in number at that point,  so  instead it resulted in a quick group session.  We got into the flow and time flew by.  When you mentor, it’s always great to challenge a mentee and ask them follow on a small action.  It’s not fair to ask something of a relative stranger so in return, I too made a  pledge that I would indeed write a post.  Alice Tyler, this one is dedicated to you!

Unfortunately for you lot, out there,  yes you in the ether…you can look forward to some more written stuff from yours truly.  Can you see what I am doing already! Being all kinda self-deprecating …! Why do we do it ladies! That is something I’ll work on.

Ah well, I hope to see you next time! Anything in particular you want me to write about?  Challenge me…


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