Zenamins can post you custom vitamins, great let’s talk medicine management.

Interesting article.  The essence of the idea is that Zenamins’ has the potential to disrupt established vitamin brands in the US primarily but I see scope in the UK too.  The concept of disruption and penetration come out of partnerships with implementers such as Zenamins and existing businesses and market leaders.  

On a separate note on the UK we must look at the wider perspective of medicine management.  Patients who take more than 2/3 medications daily on a regular basis should really have thorough annual reviews at the least with one dedicated healthcare professional who can assess those patients on multiple meds. All the scary side effects you get on the leaflets accompanying the medicines may sometimes counteract and magnify each other. I am sure we can put an effective system in place with common sense sit down reviews. The potential to save the NHS money is clearly a prospect as well as better healthcare management of individuals.  The simple fact is that medication suppresses symptom’s it doesn’t fix the underlying healthcare issue.  This is all a precursor to what I want to write about diagnostics and med tech.


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