Day eight of juice blasts and onwards to 30 (and maybe more…)

This is day 8 of consecutive juice blasts which I am primarily consuming first thing in the morning, made with my nutribullet.  They have provided me with a quick and easy to prepare concoction of vitamins and minerals from fresh ingredients.  I have recently been under the weather and in all honesty I can usually get back to usual after 3 days.  So clearly I am a little more poorly than usual so my body is craving the nutrition as I overcome a chest infection.  I am getting there and I am pledging to continue this routine for 30 days straight.  I have also given up meat and have amped up my protein consumption with lentils alongside fish and eggs.  So I will continue to publish the daily recipes to keep a record of my combos as well as monitor my pledge to continue the juice blasts. Wish me luck and if you have any messages of support or suggestions, please do let me know.

Today’s combo:

1 x handful of kale

1 x small banana

1 x apple

2 x celery sticks

1 inch of ginger

10 x grapes

Splash of freshly orange juice


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