Why Is The European Commission Spending €100M On A Pointless Hackathon?

This is a very sad reality, some true deep insight into the inner workings here. The Tech community must speak up and raise the volume on this issue. Where is the ‘bank of ideas’ that these hackathons have created?


The European Commission has announced it is making €100 million ($USD140 million) available to entrepreneurs and startups from anywhere – not just Europe – to create a prototype ‘smart city’ application based on “FI-WARE“, an Open API platform created by the EU-funded project called Future Internet.

What the hell are we talking about here? Well, FI-WARE is the rather tortuous name given to a private-public partnership funded by the European Commission which also has investment from Spanish telco Telefonica. FI-WARE has a number of open source, API-enabled tools which are supposed to allow developers to create (among other uses) ‘smart city’ apps. The idea is that developers use F-WARE’s sandbox environment to trial their prototypes and get feedback from a smart city experts and developers that are on the platform.

The FI-WARE people run regular hackathon competitions to promote the platform called Campus Days with top 20 entrants…

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