Smarter Cities Conference

I am really looking forward to the +Bloomberg Business Smarter Cities conference next month as part of +London Technology Week.  I will be attending as a Tech London Advocate, lot’s of topics are being covered ranging from IoT, robotics, medtech, driverless cars and much more! 

See below an excerpt from the event overview:

London’s population is projected to grow from 8.3 million in 2013 to 10 million in 2036*. Increasing strain on infrastructure, extended life expectancy, a shifting global economy and a future threat of jobs being made redundant by technology means we need some seriously smart solutions for our ever growing cities.

Taking place during London Tech Week, the Bloomberg Technology Conference: Smarter Cities will bring together city strategists, business leaders and policy makers for a discussion around cutting edge technologies with a unique focus on the intersection of health, sustainability, energy and transport.

We will discuss the interconnected nature of the services that keep our cities running and the consequences of neglecting to consider them as such. To keep its competitive edge as a world class city for business, tourism, culture and finance London must continue to develop and deploy cutting edge technology. If services don’t adapt both businesses and citizens will lose out.


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