Race, Academia and Freedom of Learning

I was so sad to read this article by Jack Grove of THE about Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman.

(Dr Coleman strikes through his surname to highlight how it was bestowed on his family by slave masters in Jamaica)

What happened to freedom of learning ? MA was too critical of white establishment – see link below for full article.

Rejected MA was too critical of white establishment, says academic

I remember reading the course outline for this MA and thought how brilliant it was that UCL was so open to such a provocative course. It will no doubt touch a nerve with many people I’m sure regardless of your race. I think it is a massive shame that UCL have renegade on this pretty ground breaking open minded MA. You would think we weren’t in 2015 for a minute.

How else will we have a breakthrough in collective consciousness if we don’t have courses like this? On a separate note, Akala has been brilliant in amplifying the volume in such an articulate way that has been helped massively by the sharing of his videos and tv appearances on social media. The question now is how do we tackle this long overdue silent deep ingrained feeling that is very quickly bubbling to the surface without turning a blind eye any longer. I would love to hear your thoughts.


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