No, It’s Samsung, Not Swiftkey, That Is To Blame For This Keyboard Security Scare

Great piece that sets the record straight this keyboard security scare. On a side note, congratulations to Switfkey who won at The Europas last night, a very well deserved honour. They’re also TechHub alumni so it’s even sweeter! Go team!


The media is blowing up right now at a startup called Swiftkey which was named in an announcement at a Black Hat conference about a bug in most Samsung smartphones that could allow hackers to attack the phone and spy on users.

Researchers at cybersecurity firm NowSecure found the a bug in many Samsung smartphones last Fall. Although Samsung told NowSecure in March that it had sent wireless carriers a fix which could be transmitted to the phones, and not to go public on it for three whole months, Samsung did nothing about it. So NowSecure went and bought two new Samsung Galaxy S6’s from Verizon and Sprint and found they were still vulnerable to the security hole. So, what the heck: they went public about it at a hacker conference. Somewhere, there is a Samsung head of security that should be considering their position…

Now, the reason UK startup…

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