The day I met Bill Gates


Bill Gates, London 2011. Photo credit: Andrew Parsons

I’ll never forget how inspirational Bill Gates was and how his energy transformed the stuffy committee room in Parliament. He spoke passionately about International Development and the amazing work that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had been doing to eradicate Polio amongst other things. This picture was taken four years ago and I’ll never forget him saying, words to the effect of ‘choose your cause, make it one that counts and focus on it’. He said, quite rightly; ‘I’ve got this cause and you don’t need to financially support it, there are so many others for you to find and support’.  Such wise and inspiring words that have stayed with me four years on. Little did I know that I was about to say yes to a life changing role to work  on the Olympics at London 2012.

#billgates #influencers #changeagents #politics #parliament #philanthropy #life
#nushknows #tb #4yearsagotoday


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