Anchors Aweigh

Anchors aweigh! Are you ready for the #firstwave?

Early adopters are climbing aboard the Anchor app, currently available on iOS.

I’ve published my ‘firstwave’ which is posting a voice message for up to 2 minutes to the community and others can reply.  You engage in conversation, sharing of thoughts and even quick wordplay.  It is very early days but so far the user interface is clean and the onboarding process is a breeze. Let me know your thoughts too and if you have posted your first wave.

I’m really interested to see how the Anchor application plays out, as I have been using Periscope a live broadcasting app which integrates nicely to Twitter and now you can share to Facebook.  It’s most recent partnership with GoPro, means that you can ‘scope’ or broadcast more active. The biggest issue I have with Periscope has nothing to do with the app itself or it’s functionality.  I am frustrated by the lack of 3G or 4G coverage when I scope, so mostly I have found that it tends to be a broadcast of my voice.  Now, with a majority US base on Periscope, having a British accent is pretty neat as you stand out. This means that the kind folks who follow me on Periscope still show me love with the interactive tapping of the screen, which posts floating hearts and basically represents ‘likes’ from your viewers who find your content engaging.  It’s a great way to get live feedback from viewers or listeners as the case has been for me.

So as it is only day two of Anchor, the only downside of it compared to Periscope is the fact that you have a delayed response to your ‘wave’ with no real time interaction.  Having said that, it is much more about delivering a succinct burst of opinion, topic or point of view.  So you do see the traction in uninterrupted commentary so that your point of view can be conveyed.  I’d love to know your thoughts so please comment below and let us continue the conversation.  It is very early days so, anchors aweigh!



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