Women’s March London #WomensMarch 

​Today was a beautiful transformative day of intentional growth.

The front of the Women’s March in London as it decends on Piccadilly from Hyde Park

This was the moment I saw swathes of people walking towards me and forming the beginning of The Women’s March in London. I’ve never seen such a beautiful, peaceful and intentional march for women and all. It was quite an emotional day as we marched in solidarity. Each of us, separately representing beautiful intention and the energy was insane. We lifted eachother along, step by step and whilst many of us couldn’t meet our friends in the vast crowd it did not matter one bit. I was compelled to Livestream the passing of the crowd as I looked out for #5050Parliament (the group I was joining today). 

 I’ve never seen a wall of people united and walking together the width of Piccadilly from Hyde Park walking down towards me at Green Park. I had to capture it and share on Periscope. It moved me and something shifted in my core.  I accept the reality of where we are but I don’t accept the notion that we don’t have a voice and  that we can’t work to make a change. The future will be brilliant because of moments that culminated in today. 

Please take a moment to take in the volume of people coming towards me. 

You can also see my live video stream on periscope/nushkino 

Blessings on blessings to you all. #CommitToSomething #WomensMarch #London #marching #5050Parliament #womenintech #poc #woc #empower #twitter #nushkino #nushknows #love #intention #strong


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