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The Virtual Reality of our Augmented life

Friday night at Campus London was all about VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) discovery. We watched a couple of short films with very stirring Sci-fi aspects of the ‘future-present’ we are in now. It opened up many ethical questions about technology and it’s applications. I’ve always said that tech is an enabler, my aspirations are that it levels the playing field by bringing solutions and people together. It’s really important we have an inclusive conversation about this now. Most people are so caught up in the now that they are too distracted to think about the future that is speeding towards us. I’m planning to have many ‘conversations’ about this in 2016. AR and VR are technologies that you’ll hear much about in 2016 as you did in 2015 but you’ll see much more of it. Hologram tech that Samsung has developed will also debut to the masses. Let’s talk about technology and how it impacts is all.


The no makeup, makeup filter.

One of my fave apps to demo for you, from TechCrunch Disrupt London. Not a single bit of makeup is physically applied to my skin yet watch the demo. I loved being able to change my eye colour as coloured contact lenses don’t suit my eyes (darn astigmatism). Great applications for such tech in the beauty space and more. Full video on my YouTube channel: Nushkino.

Art Basel eat your heart out

from Instagram:
Love this graphical art by Camille Walala in Shoreditch. The colours, the lines and patterns just brighten up the place and I always look forward to walking past Splice’s office especially in daylight when I can admire it best. #urbanspaces #urbanart #camillewalala #Shoreditch #Art #London #artbaseleatyourheartout #nushknows

The day I met Bill Gates


Bill Gates, London 2011. Photo credit: Andrew Parsons

I’ll never forget how inspirational Bill Gates was and how his energy transformed the stuffy committee room in Parliament. He spoke passionately about International Development and the amazing work that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had been doing to eradicate Polio amongst other things. This picture was taken four years ago and I’ll never forget him saying, words to the effect of ‘choose your cause, make it one that counts and focus on it’. He said, quite rightly; ‘I’ve got this cause and you don’t need to financially support it, there are so many others for you to find and support’.  Such wise and inspiring words that have stayed with me four years on. Little did I know that I was about to say yes to a life changing role to work  on the Olympics at London 2012.

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Sleep in a roaming bed as part of Carsten Höller: Decision

This would be the best date night ever! Sleeping in a roaming bed as part of Carsten Höller: Decision. Imagine being able to explore the works all night, it’s like a huge playground of artworks for us grownups. I would love to do this! Roaming Bed! Whilst the slide is closed at night, you can take advantage of having the exhibition all to yourself!

Sleep in a roaming bed as part of Carsten Höller: Decision.

You can book a night in the artist’s Two Roaming Beds (Grey), a pair of robotic beds that roam Hayward Gallery while you sleep. Entering the gallery ‘out of hours’ and immersing yourself in the world of Carsten Höller. I don’t know if I could sleep, I would be too excited.   Seriously would love to do this!

Each booking includes an exclusive ride on Höller’s Isomeric Slidesand Two Flying Machines as well as access to all other works from 7pm – midnight, and covers two guests. For further information Check out details here.

Sleep in a roaming bed as part of Carsten Höller: Decision

Smarter Cities Conference

I am really looking forward to the +Bloomberg Business Smarter Cities conference next month as part of +London Technology Week.  I will be attending as a Tech London Advocate, lot’s of topics are being covered ranging from IoT, robotics, medtech, driverless cars and much more! 

See below an excerpt from the event overview:

London’s population is projected to grow from 8.3 million in 2013 to 10 million in 2036*. Increasing strain on infrastructure, extended life expectancy, a shifting global economy and a future threat of jobs being made redundant by technology means we need some seriously smart solutions for our ever growing cities.

Taking place during London Tech Week, the Bloomberg Technology Conference: Smarter Cities will bring together city strategists, business leaders and policy makers for a discussion around cutting edge technologies with a unique focus on the intersection of health, sustainability, energy and transport.

We will discuss the interconnected nature of the services that keep our cities running and the consequences of neglecting to consider them as such. To keep its competitive edge as a world class city for business, tourism, culture and finance London must continue to develop and deploy cutting edge technology. If services don’t adapt both businesses and citizens will lose out.