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The no makeup, makeup filter.

One of my fave apps to demo for you, from TechCrunch Disrupt London. Not a single bit of makeup is physically applied to my skin yet watch the demo. I loved being able to change my eye colour as coloured contact lenses don’t suit my eyes (darn astigmatism). Great applications for such tech in the beauty space and more. Full video on my YouTube channel: Nushkino.


Art Basel eat your heart out

from Instagram:
Love this graphical art by Camille Walala in Shoreditch. The colours, the lines and patterns just brighten up the place and I always look forward to walking past Splice’s office especially in daylight when I can admire it best. #urbanspaces #urbanart #camillewalala #Shoreditch #Art #London #artbaseleatyourheartout #nushknows