The latest Snapchat update – why this is a game changer

Messaging apps, live video streaming, chat, voice memos, voice calls and content sharing is about to change as we know it. Following Snapchat’s latest app update, showcasing more features for one to one apps – have they just stolen thunder from Twitter, Periscope, Anchor, WhatsApp and Facebook live? Let me know your thought’s – @nushkino

*at about 3 mins 20 secs I meant to say ‘Peri-Snap’


The no makeup, makeup filter.

Step aside a Revolt is about to go down in Miami

Diddy announces Revolt Music Conference to be held from 16-19th October 2014 in Miami

Earlier this week Diddy aka Sean Combs announced at the anniversary of the launch of Revolt TV that he is hosting the inagural Revolt Music Conference in Miami in October this year.

It comes at a time where if you are smart you want to lean towards getting involved with multi media powerhouses and Revolt is establishing itself as one.  As yet to reach UK shores I wait with interest as the social media engagement of the brand grows.

Themes of the conference are overarching and cover a wide range from Music, Digital, TV, Media, Social Media, A&R.  Content wise the conference is tackling issues such as gender imbalance, the lost form of A&R and the line up is impressive.

‘The State of Women in Music’ for instance, is a stand out and in a fab high profile slot on day one of proceedings.   In March this year I was at Winter Music Conference and many of these tops are covered, is RMC 2014 going to bring a more urban edge over EDM? I think so and I look forward to the learnings to come from it.

See some of the conference content below, you can fine the full schedule here Please note that it may be subject to change as it is a pdf so do keep an eye out on the website for updates.

So much of Music Industry is changing with technology being the activist for disruption.  Bringing together like minded people for a content rich event to drive partnerships, the cross-pollination of ideas and hear gripes is one way to move forward.  I think this is exactly the kind of Revolt I want to be a part of.  Check it out www.revoltmusicconference.com

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Revolt Music Conference Schedule - Miami October 2014 - Line up

Revolt Media Conference Schedule

Fellow Creatives where are you?

The 9 to 5 mode is still deep entrenched in some workplaces whilst this  may work for some, I am a true believer of making the hours we work reflect our optimal times of productivity.  Think about it, why would you confine a creative person to 8 hours in a day?  I am sure we are all creative 24/7 so why not release yourself from the confines of a 9 to 5 day.  Enjoy and share if you are likeminded.


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