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Disrupt Space

This week, I’m delighted to be a mentor at Disrupt Space, taking place in Bremen, Germany.  It’s a gathering of thinkers, entrepreneurs, creatives and industry trailblazers all coming together to create space startups and shake up thinking around key themes.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Let me know if you’re going to be there and let’s connect @nushkino

For more information check out the website: Disrupt Space



Sleep in a roaming bed as part of Carsten Höller: Decision

This would be the best date night ever! Sleeping in a roaming bed as part of Carsten Höller: Decision. Imagine being able to explore the works all night, it’s like a huge playground of artworks for us grownups. I would love to do this! Roaming Bed! Whilst the slide is closed at night, you can take advantage of having the exhibition all to yourself!

Sleep in a roaming bed as part of Carsten Höller: Decision.

You can book a night in the artist’s Two Roaming Beds (Grey), a pair of robotic beds that roam Hayward Gallery while you sleep. Entering the gallery ‘out of hours’ and immersing yourself in the world of Carsten Höller. I don’t know if I could sleep, I would be too excited.   Seriously would love to do this!

Each booking includes an exclusive ride on Höller’s Isomeric Slidesand Two Flying Machines as well as access to all other works from 7pm – midnight, and covers two guests. For further information Check out details here.

Sleep in a roaming bed as part of Carsten Höller: Decision

Extinguishing fire with sound waves, it’s all about the bass!

Love this new fire extinguisher that uses sound waves they are so much cleaner than chemicals or scarce water supplies in drought ridden places such a California.  It works with a Bass hum booms to put flames out.  I also love the application of this with drones to reach bush fires.  An excellent example of innovation in engineering and yes it is all about the bass!

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