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Say cheese for that Satellite selfie

Mike Butcher interviews Evan Nisselson at Second Home as we discuss the future of visualisation tech. A fantastic engaging open evening that touched on so many of my fascinations such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Satellites, mapping and much much more. It was great to hear from Evan, who gave vast insights into visualisation technologies that few people outside of the tech bubble see full scope for. The mapping of humanity starts by simply by taking a picture on our phone to quickly progressing to that elusive satellite selfie, a reality not far away. Yet a combination of technologies such as AI, machine learning and multiple camera lenses on devices will help to form the backbone to this relative future. I love what Periscope is doing right now by syncing your Go Pro device with your mobile phone to broadcast live extreme activities like skiing or anything your imagination and bravery allows. We are on that front where anything is possible. Let’s build that future today.


The Virtual Reality of our Augmented life

Friday night at Campus London was all about VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) discovery. We watched a couple of short films with very stirring Sci-fi aspects of the ‘future-present’ we are in now. It opened up many ethical questions about technology and it’s applications. I’ve always said that tech is an enabler, my aspirations are that it levels the playing field by bringing solutions and people together. It’s really important we have an inclusive conversation about this now. Most people are so caught up in the now that they are too distracted to think about the future that is speeding towards us. I’m planning to have many ‘conversations’ about this in 2016. AR and VR are technologies that you’ll hear much about in 2016 as you did in 2015 but you’ll see much more of it. Hologram tech that Samsung has developed will also debut to the masses. Let’s talk about technology and how it impacts is all.

100 Drones in Aerial Performance

Intel and the Ars Electronica Futurelab created a magical performance with 100 LED-studded drones at the Ahrenlohe Airfield in Germany.  The huge three-dimensional display of illuminated shapes in the night sky coordinated to a live musical performance is stunning.  The team broke the world record in the category Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Airborne Simultaneously. Just stunning, see for yourself.

Cities As Platforms

Having recently run a political campaign for a prospective candidate for Mayor of London, you quickly begin to understand the complexity of the governance of London. This article by Gerard Grech, CEO of Tech City UK articulates the challenge ahead if we are going to keep London the best city in the world to do Business. London has the potential to be one of the smartest cities in the world and it’s successes tell a wonderful story. Yet London could be a much smarter city and actively encourage smarter solutions from all citizens who bear the brunt of it’s challenges every day. I for one was born and brought up in London and everyday I am hacking the most optimal routes to navigate the city, for instance, to avoid peak costs on my Oyster card.

The only way that I can tap into that knowledge is by sharing tidbits on social media or when a friend needs help getting someplace. The answer to many of the issues we face London-wide across the 32 Boroughs and Local Authorities plus the City of London lies in each and every one of us. We are all smart citizens and with the right schemes to bring us together to tackle what makes this city unique we’ll be left idle. I love the idea of making public buildings ‘come alive’ and by that I mean releasing data / APIs on peak times for gallery opening for instance so you could wander around the mummies at the British Museum at a more leisurely pace without peak tourist flow. Or perhaps, help Londoner’s caught by train delays at Waterloo to hop on over to the Southbank Centre and soak up our rich arts culture whilst the leaves on the track are cleared away. Technology and innovation can drive simple solutions to everyday mundane London issues. Doesn’t that paint a picture of London that we can all aspire towards building?

Smarter Cities Conference

I am really looking forward to the +Bloomberg Business Smarter Cities conference next month as part of +London Technology Week.  I will be attending as a Tech London Advocate, lot’s of topics are being covered ranging from IoT, robotics, medtech, driverless cars and much more! 

See below an excerpt from the event overview:

London’s population is projected to grow from 8.3 million in 2013 to 10 million in 2036*. Increasing strain on infrastructure, extended life expectancy, a shifting global economy and a future threat of jobs being made redundant by technology means we need some seriously smart solutions for our ever growing cities.

Taking place during London Tech Week, the Bloomberg Technology Conference: Smarter Cities will bring together city strategists, business leaders and policy makers for a discussion around cutting edge technologies with a unique focus on the intersection of health, sustainability, energy and transport.

We will discuss the interconnected nature of the services that keep our cities running and the consequences of neglecting to consider them as such. To keep its competitive edge as a world class city for business, tourism, culture and finance London must continue to develop and deploy cutting edge technology. If services don’t adapt both businesses and citizens will lose out.

Are you joining us on Wednesday at TechHub’s Lunchtime Talk – Recruitment 101 with Talent Rocket

It’s time to kick off our lunchtime lecture series after a sunshine filled summer, we invite you to join us for a session on Recruitment 101 this Wednesday 24th September. This is your opportunity to bring with you all those burning questions as the recruitment cycle kicks off again and we go up a gear or two.

Key Themes that we will cover are: How to attract talent Value matching Retaining talent Building your team

We will be joined by Chris Platts from Talent Rocket.

Chris has over eight years of experience as a Director of an executive search recruitment company. He’s self-funding his startup by contracting as a headhunter to a number of key clients in the FMCG space.

He is the founder of Talent Rocket a company discover and career management web app enabling busy people to manage their careers. His startup features great places to work and has customers such as Hailo, YPlan, Mind Candy and Moo.com using the site to hire great people. You can follow Chis @chrisplatts_ | @thetalentrocket

The format is relaxed, bring lunch, your questions for Chris, he is an expert in the recruitment field that we are bringing to you.

This is the perfect event for you if you are in a Start-up that is:

  • Looking to recruit talent
  • Learning about value matching versus just filling a job role
  • Expanding or scaling up your business now or in the future
  • Retaining talent

We kick off at 1pm with the presentation lasting 20 mins followed by a Q&A.

Sign up now and secure your place.

Step aside a Revolt is about to go down in Miami

Diddy announces Revolt Music Conference to be held from 16-19th October 2014 in Miami

Earlier this week Diddy aka Sean Combs announced at the anniversary of the launch of Revolt TV that he is hosting the inagural Revolt Music Conference in Miami in October this year.

It comes at a time where if you are smart you want to lean towards getting involved with multi media powerhouses and Revolt is establishing itself as one.  As yet to reach UK shores I wait with interest as the social media engagement of the brand grows.

Themes of the conference are overarching and cover a wide range from Music, Digital, TV, Media, Social Media, A&R.  Content wise the conference is tackling issues such as gender imbalance, the lost form of A&R and the line up is impressive.

‘The State of Women in Music’ for instance, is a stand out and in a fab high profile slot on day one of proceedings.   In March this year I was at Winter Music Conference and many of these tops are covered, is RMC 2014 going to bring a more urban edge over EDM? I think so and I look forward to the learnings to come from it.

See some of the conference content below, you can fine the full schedule here Please note that it may be subject to change as it is a pdf so do keep an eye out on the website for updates.

So much of Music Industry is changing with technology being the activist for disruption.  Bringing together like minded people for a content rich event to drive partnerships, the cross-pollination of ideas and hear gripes is one way to move forward.  I think this is exactly the kind of Revolt I want to be a part of.  Check it out www.revoltmusicconference.com

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Revolt Music Conference Schedule - Miami October 2014 - Line up

Revolt Media Conference Schedule